or thankfulness. Things I am thankful for.


Wed. 06.06.12  Apparently, I received a check in the mail from a restaurant job four years ago. I guess I never cashed it!

Thurs. 05.31.12  A hot shower, a/c, and reading and writing all day long in my hotel room.

Wed. 08.31.11  This time with my family and friends in DE has been truly great. I am sad to leave.

Sat. 06.25.11  Have been receiving some checks in the mail for my trip. More exciting than the money are the notes that many people send in the envelopes. I have so many loving, Godly people in my life who are like family.

Fri. 06.17.11 Dead to sin and alive in Christ…my deepest stains are clean.

Mon. 05.02.11  Grateful that I have so many social things to do/friends to see/activities scheduled that I have to try to find time to do the “important” things. I probably really need more of a balance, but am definitely embracing this season!

Thurs. 04.21.11  I thoroughly enjoy weather patterns/storms/stuff like that. Driving back from Denver today, the intense, dark clouds over the mountains made me think on God’s mighty awesomeness.

Tues. 04.19.11  I am blessed with so many incredible, God-fearing people that I get to do life with. Gosh, I feel honored that I get to be friends with these people!

Thurs. 04.06.11 God’s heart for justice. Today I wrapped up reading Psalms and read through much of Isaiah. Both books are filled with this word…along with the word, righteousness…dissecting this.

Mon. 03.28.11 Ephesians 2:8-9. The Gospel. Reading a book on cults and realizing the despair that people are in. All this attaining to attain nothing.

Thurs. 03.10.11 Those with more life experience…those who know God better…those who have seen Him faithful.

Tues. 03.08.11 life is ever-changing and such an adventure. I’m rather enjoying the constant change as I begin to accept it.

Sat. 02.26.11 choices.

Sat. 02.19.11 aujourd’hui.

Mon. 02.14.11 My little sister. Her passion inspires me. She will do big things.

Fri. 01.21.11 “You’re faithful all my days. Your promises true and Your mercies are new every morning that I wake.”

Thurs. 01.20.11 The smell of my grandpop’s wood shop every time I open the chest he made for me. Or, maybe it’s just the smell of wood. : ) Regardless, I like it.

Wed. 01.19.11 politics. no joke

Mon. 01.03.”2011″ He never changes.  I can’t get over how wonderful this is.

Thurs. 12.23.10 Was able to spend the evening with my mom and sister!

Sun. 12.20.10 Made BANK at work this evening.  God is good, for I really needed it.

Sat. 12.11.10 Nothing matters.  Pride will shatter.

Thurs. 12.09.10 New life!  Visited one of my co-workers who just had her baby today.  Smallest little life I’ve ever held.  Amazed.  Welcome, Kinley!

Wed. 12.08.10 Down Blankets

Tues. 12.07.10 This moment.  My Christmas tree ablaze (figuratively), candles lit, reflective music streaming, and me thinking.

Fri. 11.26.10 Downloaded a bunch of FREE tunes from  Thanks, Derek Webb for this genius idea!

Thurs. 11.25.10 God blessed me with fantastic folks to spend this Thanksgiving with.  Learning hospitality.

Mon. 11.22.10 Paul!  Yes, the author of the majority of the New Testament.  Currently reading “The Apostle Paul” for seminary.  I am so much enjoying dissecting Acts and seeing how God moved in his life as well as in the lives of Timothy, Silas, Barnabas, and others.  Gives me even more passion for missions.

Thurs. 11.11.10 Super fresh perspective.  Ah, how God makes all things new.

Wed. 11.10.10 I am thankful to have friends who kick me in the butt when needed.  It hurts, but is most necessary for growth and sanctification.

Wed. 09.29.10 I am not condemned, whatsoever…

Tues. 09.21.10 The Lord is my Shepherd.  

Sun. 09.19.10 Mountains, tall brown grass, sunsets, and the Santa Fe Trail.

Mon. 09.13.10 The opportunity to pursue my passions and the Creator of these passions.

Fri. 08.20.10 Man, it’s freaking been SIX months since I’ve written on this page.  I JUST finished Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years. I am so thankful to have a story.  It’s no one else’s.  All mine.  Ok, ultimately the Creator’s.  I am thrilled to live out the rest of my story and hold nothing back.  “Write a good story, take somebody with you, and let me help.” –Donald Miller/God

Tues. 12.15.09 God has provided me with a new job in this economy.

Fri. 11.27.09 Minus33 Thermals!  I want to wear them until the spring.

Thurs. 11.26.09 Today is Thanksgiving, so I must make this good!  Seriously, where do I being?  I am thankful for my parents.  They have been so incredibly gracious to me for allowing me to live with them while I’m in school.  They are there for me non-stop and continually support me with all my life endeavors even though some of them are crazy in their eyes.  I am thankful for the rest of my family…siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and of course cousins!  You are all the best.  I could go into detail about how each of you has been a blessing!  I am thankful for some friends…old and new.  Mark and Kelley Yohe have been especially great to me this year.  They have been awesome to hang out with, especially because of their outdoor/adventure experience.  They lead a trip to Italy of which I had the opportunity to be a part.  They have blessed me in so may ways that only God and I know.  I am thankful for my church and the leadership there.  I am thankful that I have been given the incredible opportunity to serve in so many capacities there…I don’t deserve it!  I am thankful for music.  Yes, that Gabe Dixon song comes to mind…”Music Calls Us Home.”  My world is better because of sweet sounds such as these.  I am thankful to live in the United States of America!  I am free to do so much and become who I am simply because of where I live!  I thank God for all these blessings and so many more.  May God bless and keep you and may His face shine upon You and be gracious and give you peace.  Love to all this Thanksgiving.

Wed. 11.11.09 This might sound shallow, but I’m really thankful for social networking, particularly twitter.  It is honestly really informative and aids me very practically in everyday life.  Plus, it’s just plain fun.  Many thanks to this social networking genius!  More of my friends need to join… and follow me @marissadale !

Tues. 07.21.09 free rent.

Mon. 07.12.09 all the people that are currently in my life.

Thurs. 07.09.09 that I didn’t hit that family of skunks on my drive home tonight…that would have been a bad day.

Sun. 06.28.09 for the opportunity and luxury to be able to travel.  had a meeting for my upcoming trek in the Italian Alps.

Mon. 06.22.09 that there is something that is eternal!

Wed. 06.10.09 diversity in culture…it makes for a fascinating time on earth.

Mon. 06.01.09 rejuvenating worship and confirmation of God’s purposes for my life.

Sun. 05.24.09 my church.  Love of Christ

Tues. 05.19.09 got out of class while it was still light out.  that was pretty sweet.

Fri. 05.15.09 Hold up, I have to think on this a minute…

Ok, today I am most thankful for my life. I just feel so incredible privileged to have the life that I possess.

Sun. 05.10.09 my Mom, of course. She is truly an incredible woman of God.

Mon. 04.20.09 ecstatically cheerful people who greet in Walmart. Today’s “greeter” was THE best I’ve ever encountered, and it makes me want to have the same joy.

Sat. 04.04.09 Hmm…missed a few days here. Random and unexpected, but divine, small blessings are so encouraging. Signs and wonders deepen my amazement at God.

Tues. 03.31.09 Thankful for the power of testimonies. In class tonight, we discussed some of the spiritual gifts such as knowledge, wisdom, faith, etc. Along with this discussion came many stories of signs and wonders. Builds up my faith and makes me burn to see some in my everyday life.

Mon. 03.30.09 Rest and relaxation. Was able to do practically nothing today and am rested up for a busy, work-oriented week. Oh, yeah, I’m 21 now. Thanks be to God for 21 years on earth and being one year closer to being with Him!!

Sun. 03.29.09 Thankful to Pastor Forrust and Sherry for opening their home every Sunday night to minister to us college/career folks. They are the epitome of hospitality.

Sat. 03.28.09 I truly have incredible managers at Ruby Tuesday. Jeff, the general manager ordered everyone pizza for lunch. But more than the pizza, they really are all so great. Fair, consistent, open, etc. Jeff, Jackie, and Devrick. love them.