Mi vida en Colorado!

by Marissa Rubin

June 2010 – August 2011… It has been wonderful. Here are some highlights…

The trip out last summer…I let the other girls do most of the driving. : )

I made friends at a music venue within the first week. Sort of...

I've seen my friend Amber Grammer a lot. It has been fantastic.

I figured out my political affiliation (almost).

I finally joined the cool, humanitarian-friendly group and got a pair of TOMS.

I got my first, very own Christmas tree.

I got a little healthier (this was the most extreme).

I got hit by a car while riding my bike. The bike was more damaged than my body. PTL.

I learned how to ski. And then I went again...and again. There is still some needed improvement.

I loved living by the US Air Force Academy.

I was in Vail the same weekend as Michelle Obama. I didn't see her.

I almost became a Rockies fan.

I had the privilege of serving with Woodmen's young adult team. Made some incredible friends.

I went on a lot of drives...just to drive. This state is breathtaking.

I played in the snow a lot.

I ran a lot.

I had the pleasure of spending much quality time with these great kids. : )

I started going to a Nepali church. Here's the first youth camping trip!

I had the most adventurous year of my life, thus far.

God gave me the greatest friends I could ever ask for.

This year……wow. And I know the next holds even greater things! I am learning to LOVE transitions. They are TRULY great. The Father teaches me so much through them.

Anyway, I am soaking up this last week in CO…

5 more shifts at California Pizza Kitchen.

1 more hike.

A concert in Boulder.

A few more Santa Fe Trail runs.

No more grocery shopping.

1 more study sesh at Agia Sophia.

1 more time with my Nepalese friends.

Gonna enjoy it all.