by Marissa Rubin

This past week has been a total whirlwind. My dreams, my aspirations were crushed. My 4-month trafficking trip has been canceled. I found out just 2 days after my friends hosted a huge fundraiser for me. I had just sent in all the money.

I can’t lie; there were a few tears.

But, of course…I can’t wallow in my sorrow forever. It’s never worth it.

The organization gave me 2 options:

1. Have the donated money refunded to my supporters.

2. Go on one of their full-length, 11-month trips.

I’ve gone back and forth, attempting to logistically figure it all out. There comes a point where logistics don’t seem to matter. That point came and I called up my mobilizer today and committed to go on the September route. I have the same launch date, but will be gone for 7 additional months and will be ministering in 7 additional countries.

Here’s my new, extended route:  September 2011 (2)

Ukraine. Romania. Nepal. India.

Tanzania. Uganda. Rwanda. Thailand. Cambodia. Malaysia.

So, yes. I will still be going to all the original Southeast Asian countries and working with victims in the trafficking cycle. In addition, I will be traveling to Western Europe and Africa. This ambition (to travel the world and preach the name of Jesus) I’ve held since I was twelve and even more so in my early high school years when I would stay up until midnight to watch Travel The Road on TBN is looking like it will come to pass. I am truly excited.

Sometimes the logistics of it all still get to me. Questions such as, “Where will I move to when I return to the U.S.?” “Where will I work?” “Will I indeed go back to school?” “How am I ever going to save money?” But then, I realize that the time is now. I can’t keep waiting for the opportune time. This is another “kairos” moment. I love living on the edge. When will I ever settle down? Only God knows.

I want to thank my mom, my friend Kelley, and of course the Father for encouraging me in this.

Here we go now. Ready to rough it. Ready to preach it. Ready to travel the road, yo.

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