Don’t Let Them Go

by Marissa Rubin

I sit here in my nice bedroom, the nicest I’ve had to date. It’s big. I picked out the paint on my walls . . . the color is called “coconut shell.” My bed is grand. I am no interior designer, but the white comforter and huge olive green and rusty red pillows compliment the wall pretty darn well.

I worked tonight. I made $10.56. It was a slow night on the patio with only 2 tables. Despite the perfection of the weather and glorious mountain sunset, customers preferred the air-conditioned restaurant.

I talked to my mom today…like usual.  : ) I love her so much.

I hiked Mt. Blodgett with Astrid this morning. The trail was a bit sketchy, but being the daring kids we are, we went on with it. Plus, we talked about God…the best conversation one can have.

My dear friend, Astrid!

About 20 minutes ago, I finished watching the series, “Human Trafficking” in 10-minute segments on YouTube. It was a lot like Law and Order and focused on the ins and outs of the business. I am now increasingly boggled by how complicated the law is in relation to human trafficking. Law enforcement needs to be more aware, more properly trained. The reality is that it’s everywhere.

Now I wonder why I blog about the things I blog on. Who the freak cares about my music tastes or how people are tipping these days or even politics?!?!

I feel as if the awareness is spreading, and this is good. But, why are there still millions enslaved?

The cycle, as I already knew is vicious. Murder. Rape. Money. Rape. Mexico City. Murder. More terrible rape. HIV. Denver. Drugs. TERROR. Brothels. Pimps. Little Girls. People I Know. Little Boys. Young Women. Lies. Portland. Money. Corrupt Law Enforcement. Russia. Sick Minds. TERROR. People You Know. Dirty Old Men. Little Girls. Makeup. Skimpy Clothing. Children. Money. Brainwashing. Control. Rape. TERROR.

I want to throw up. My eyes pouring.

It’s hit me again… I’ve come to the place where I know this is it. This is what I’m supposed to dedicate my life to, second to my Father.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has annointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners…” you know the rest. -Isaiah 61

Do I believe this?

The problem seems far too ramped. How will I do this?

“The Spirit of the SOVEREIGN Lord is on me…”

I pray that He will use me in any way He pleases to execute these words in the above passage. It will all be “for the display of his splendor” as it reads later on.

I can hardly believe that I am going over there…to the place where this terror is most known…SE Asia.

I am frightened. I know that I have no reason to fear, but the fear remains.

I’m coming down to where you’re standing, captive. What will my words be to you?

Lord, give me strength…cast out the fear…set the captives free.