East Coast, you’re great.

by Marissa Rubin

Ok, I really do love Colorado. I’m just in a reminiscent mood…mostly because I’m craving real pizza. Here’s why you’re great, East Coast…

1. Yes, you greasy, perfect, thin crust NY/Jersey stuff crafted by real Italians. Come to me!

2. Italians.

3. WaWa. I’m still trying to figure out where to buy milk around here w/o going into a grocery store or Walmart.

4. Catholics.

5. Cool kids in their Mustangs/Hondas…vs. the Subarus/Jeeps out here.

6. Seagulls and salty humid air and Boardwalk Fries and short beaches with terrible undertows.

7. Seafood, seafood, seafood.

8. Sea level = faster running.

9. So many more crickets and frogs. I like the sound of you at night.

10. You’re gangster. Even all you white folk. You’re just preppy gangsters. And I love you…even though I never did fit in with you.

11. So much history! Monuments/historical markings everywhere!

12. Rita’s!

13. You are green.

14. Nor’easters. Thunderstorms and raging oceans are an epic combination.

15. Fall leaves in Lancaster, Shenandoah and everywhere else.

16. Old Bay.

17. You are so incredibly passionate about your sports teams. FACT.

18. You’re pretty liberal. I guess the West Coast is too, but I miss this about you.

19. The people are primarily rude. Good thing about this is that they usually mind their own business and worry about themselves…unless they’re looking for a fight in a convenience store at 2 in the morning.

20. Gimme some pizza.