by Marissa Rubin

There is so much change. There is so much uncertainty. I don’t know where I’m headed. I don’t know what I’m doing.

I could list the things that weigh me down with this confusion, fear, regret, etc. Pointless. I have things; you have things.

These things. This confusion. This indirection.

I logically try to figure out my next move, but my logic fails me . . . every time.

What will my life be?

What do I want it to be?

What God wants it to be.

What He wants it to be.

Crazy how quickly I forget. He is faithful. I’ve screwed up. Maybe I haven’t completely set myself up for “success.” Maybe I don’t even know what I want, but I’m kind of glad. This makes me more rely on Him – keep my eyes forward – on the Prize.

So, THIS day, I will look to Him. I want His voice to be louder than the voices I hear in my head and the ones surrounding. I pray that He will be my filter. I am so small. I am ecstatic I have someone to rely upon. Jesus never fails me. My love for Him grows in these times. I will rise because He who is in me is greater.

There is clarity. There is direction.

It is to love God. It is to make the most of every opportunity. It is to care for the poor. It is worship God forever.

I have it GREAT. My life is filled with hope and peace. I want everyone to know this Greatness. I will rise. He is faithful. He never changes. This faithfulness will never cease to amaze this insignificant person.

Faithful – Shawn McDonald

Humbled once again. I don’t deserve this grace and LOVE, yet he pours it out again. He has never stopped the flow.

– – – – I think I just blogged what should be a journal entry.