Behind Schedule

by Marissa Rubin

I never did anything for New Years in the resolution department. I feel lost, so I’ll jot down a few. I suppose that by posting my intentions for the world to see, I believe there might be a higher probability that I will at least conquer some!

1. Graduate from Bible school. Will be done soon if I continue to kick butt. Stoked.

2. Pay off the vehicle. A bit of a stretch. Might have to give up a few double coffee shots.

2. Take piano lessons. Dream since I was 12. This could be the year.

3. Set a new PR 5k time. Set my PR at age 17 when I was in the best shape of my life. Running in the morning!

4. Get involved in an organization/movement I’m passionate about. Going to LCHT in Denver on Sat. for volunteer training session.

5. Bike the entire Santa Fe Trail. Don’t worry, it’s only 30 miles.

6. Obtain an easel and paint some amateur pictures. My grandmother is an artist. Maybe I’m one too. I’ve had the itch to paint recently!

7. Read…a lot. My book list is disclosed elsewhere.

8. Summit 3 more 14ers. Want to come?!

9. See the Phils play in Denver! Doing so with my dad would be even more excellent…we’ll see!

10. See the ocean from atop a mountain (if this is possible) on the West Coast. Nor Cal in June, probably!

11. Memorize the book of John. Woah…is this obtainable?! I think so. Brother Yun did it.

12. Get a real job. Oh, wait…that probably won’t happen until next year. Going on a 4-month mission trip to Asia beginning September. Come January, I could be back in Colorado Springs. Or, I could be in D.C. Or, I could be in Topeka. Nothing is set for next year (in my mind…only God’s) and this is why I love my life. 🙂

I’m pretty sure this is enough. I have more things of course…more personal things such as strengths and weaknesses I want to work on, intimacy I want to develop with the Lord, and people I want to build relationships with. Here’s to 9 more great months in this glorious year!