Blogging: Why I Struggle

by Marissa Rubin

Well, you could most definitely call me an inconsistent blogger. My posts are few and far between. I have this urge to write/blog more frequently, but fail to do so for a few valid(?) reasons:

1. I have homework. Since I am finishing up my last semester, I always have pending work to be completed. I feel guilty if I blog before writing my paper on New Testament covenants.

2. There are so many topics/blog ideas that flood my mind. I can’t just choose one. I get overwhelmed and put it off.

3. I struggle to differentiate my journal entries from things I wish to share with the public. I guess this shouldn’t be that confusing.

4. I don’t feel educated enough. The things I want to write about, I am not an expert in. Why would someone want to read half-fact stuff? Maybe I should just stick with the journal.

I’ve been grappling with these immature thoughts for a good while now. Last week though, I stumbled upon Jeff Goin’s blog on “The Discipline of Blogging.” I follow Jeff on twitter and have found many of his previous blogs helpful. Discipline of Blogging Side note: I believe that joining twitter is one of the best things anyone could do within the social networking realm. Maybe I will blog on this someday. Anyway, Jeff also has NUMEROUS other posts re: writing/blogging. Scope his site out; it’s fantastic.

With all this said, I want to make an extremely late New Year’s Resolution to blog. I want to blog more consistently. I want to blog  with more purpose…whether that purpose is super spiritual, or about how to most effectively switch out your Jeep hard top for the soft top.

I like to write. Not only do I like to write, I see myself doing it in some fashion for the remainder of my years. We’ll see.

That’s all I’ve got. I am going to shoot for one blog each week. Trust me, this is a lot.