Amazing Grace (pt. 1)

by Marissa Rubin

Did you ever have one of those days where all sorts of little things went wrong. Heck, I know you have. Simply put, today was one of those days for me. To start off, I had a dentist appointment that consisted of a root canal and two cavity fillings. My hot plate (aka: stove) broke, I got another medical bill for $612.oo from my accident last month.  And tonight….tonight, I went to a Starbucks close to my house only to find that it closed at 8 pm. I arrived at 7:48, hoping to get a lot accomplished on the subject of “Religion and American Politics.” I had already ordered a grande caramel macchiato. So, now I am at a new Starbucks 5 miles south that is open till 10. I have purchased my 2nd drink. Call me crazy, but I didn’t want to go home. This really isn’t all that bad, I’m just venting. : )

I was a “little” stressed at different points throughout this day. My poor mom. She is back on the East Coast and gets to hear all this crap. I call her when things go into disarray. I internalize everything, but sometimes I just need to…dump. She gives me so much grace. I hope that if one day (in the far away future), the Lord blesses me with a daughter, I will be as wicked proper as Cynthia Anne Dale.

So, I guess that’s my meandering way of arriving at the main idea of this entry – the main idea being, grace. This word has made itself known several times within the past few months, and the number of times I hear it continues to increase as time carries on. I have been attending Woodmen Valley Chapel here in the Springs. Yeah, no church is perfect. I’ve been let down by so many churches, leaders, pastors, church people. I’m positive that I’ve let people down as well, so I can’t blame them. I have no intention of esteeming another church/putting it on a high pedestal, for I know that people are imperfect. I will, however state a fact. Woodmen is all about grace. It’s stated in the vision, it’s preached by the pastor, it’s talked about by the congregation…A LOT. My small group just began a study on “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” by Philip Yancey.

SIDE NOTE: A few nights ago, the 12 of us were sitting in a crammed, yet cozy apartment downtown singing the very song, “Amazing Grace” along with a guitar an sax. It was stellar, humbling, and resonated with life. Here’s one of my favorite versions of the hymn by good ole Joshy Wilson…

And so, yes. I don’t have much to say about grace. I mean, there is SO much to say! Here’s to the beginning of this journey of truly “exploring, experiencing, and expressing God’s grace…”

I will say one thing before I depart. I don’t deserve it. Much more to come once discoveries are sound, coherent thoughts.