by Marissa Rubin

I have so many things I want to write on such as:  Grace, the Jewish faith, Pride & Prejudice…actually reading it, healing, and how to keep a plant alive.  But, I think it’s time for a simple update on where I am.  I’ll try to make it brief.

Life is glorious…truly!

I have a job at California Pizza Kitchen (try the butter cake…you might suffer from heart failure soon after, but it would most likely be worth it.)  Yeah…I’m serving again.  Mixed feelings for sure, but I’m without a doubt thankful!

I’m still in school at International Seminary in the external program.  Folks, this means I send my work in through the U.S. Postal System.  I have to be disciplined.  I need more discipline.  I want to be done by spring.  It seems reachable.  Recently I’ve been studying Premarital Counseling.  Ha.

I am still playing soccer for an indoor team called, Anthem.  They are a fabulous bunch.  I am not the greatest player, having not legitimately played since my days at Middletown, but am loving re-acclimating myself to THE best sport ever.

I’ve been continuing to educate myself in the realm of human trafficking awareness and prevention.  I have been attending meetings for the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado.  There are so many organizations and connections out here.  Eventually, I would like to get my foot in the door and volunteer.  Maybe I’ll find a way to do this soon, or maybe I’ll just go to SE Asia.

I have been reading.  I have a certain spot that I have called my own.  It is a great big rock with perfect shading.  I have had many internal adventures here…in the books I read and with God.  There is nothing like sitting on a rock (I like rocks) with a great view of the majestic Rockies and talking to the Maker of it all.  Everything becomes so miniscule.

I have been hiking, biking, and running.  I wake up every morning (almost) at 6 am to make it out in time for the sunrise on my runs.  The Santa Fe Trail and I are best friends, as I’m sure she is the same with many other Coloradians as well.  I don’t mind sharing.

I still think about the uncertain future.  Then I think about how God will work it out.  I just keep moving forward.  I miss my family immensely.  Then I think about how God has brought me here and I take comfort in him.  Then, I miss my friends.  But, man…how good He has been to bring so many incredible folks across my path!  I miss my dogs, especially when I see the NUMEROUS dogs on the trails.  Then I think about…how I want a dog.  I’ve decided that I would like a Siberian Husky.  This could change.  Stay posted.

I think that’s it…I’ve rambled enough!  Colorado is outstanding.  There are so few mosquitoes, there is no humidity, people at checkout counters are actually friendly (sorry NE), there are wildfire alerts, and people like you to take off your shoes before entering their homes.

Here are pictures of my current home…they are a little overdue, I know.

My favorite room in the house. No joke.

This is where I sleep...or stay up all night studying.

Shared Toilette


Mom, Dad, Linds, Chris, Jack, and Callie…I miss you.  Atlantic Ocean, Philly, WaWa…I miss you too.  See you in Dec.