My Homeland

by Marissa Rubin

Yeah, I’m excited to venture out.  Though I may doubt that Delaware is extraordinary in many instances, there are some key things that I will miss immensely about the “Diamond State.”  After all, I’ve lived here for most of my 22 years on the planet.  In no particular order, here are my bullet points (because I like bullet points):

1.  It’s coastal.  I can be at the beach in no time at all.  Though the waters aren’t as the crystal bodies in the Caribbean, they are still spectacular.

2.  It’s central.  Philly, NY, D.C., Baltimore…all within a few hours.  Will miss my exciting concert weekends in “The City of Brotherly Love.”

3.  It’s gangster.  Ok, I’m not anything close to being from the “hood,” but I work in Bear, DE.  I’ve become acclimated to the way folks talk, dress, etc.  It’s a part of me in a way.

4.  WaWa.  Conveniently convenient.  There is one on every corner.  Inexpensive coffee for when I’m in a pinch.  They’re building yet another in my hometown that I will not be able to experience.  Bummer.

5.  Tax-free shopping.  What more is there to explain?

6.  I know the people.  The fact that I know people everywhere I go might be because I have lived here for a good deal of time, but I think it can be partly attributed to the fact that it is indeed such a small place.

7.  UD.  I didn’t even go to school there, but I will greatly miss hanging out on Main Street as well as on the green.

8.  State Parks.  I know, I know…they have state parks everywhere.  And, I also know that the ones in Colorado are a million times more impressive.  But, since I ran cross country and go the state parks here on mulitple occasions, I will miss them greatly.  White Clay, Bellevue, and Brandywine are my tops.

9.  Blue Crabs.  Again, need I say more?

10.  I can’t think of anything for number 10.  I think that’s it…besides my fam and friends, of course.

Ready to leave.  Sad to leave, but mostly ready to leave.  Yay for COLORADO!