Paul Wright/ROOTDOWN – A Tribute

by Marissa Rubin

I’ve been listening  to this guy nonstop for a good amount of time now, and I do believe he and his current band deserve some major props.  They are fantastic.  First, let me tell you how I discovered Paul Wright.  It’s simple, really.  I used to watch the “Top Ten (or is it 20?) Countdown” on TVU back in high school circa 2002 …ish.  His first video to the song, “Your Love Never Changes” premiered at about this time.  My fam digged the vid and my madre bought the album.  My sister and I wound up really liked his stuff.  We got even more hooked when his second record, “Sunrise to Sunset” released.  His beats/jams/vocals are tastefully captivating and his lyrics set  the mind to crashing waves and gorgeous sunsets, the ups and downs of relationships, and always faith in the Creator, among other various notions.  Reggae/hip-hop/acoustic/worshipful.  Paul Wright

Since those early years, Wright has come out with some more incredible albums.  He is also part of an indie reggae group, ROOTDOWN.  They are revolutionary, really.  How can one go wrong when singing about burritos and utilizing a trumpet/sax?  They are a bit more deep than that.  I could go on, but I am certainly not a musician or a reporter.  Check these guys out yourself, enjoy the tunes, and support ’em.  Rootdown

You have no excuse now.  You know who they are.  They are fantastic.

Paul Wright’s very first album, Fly Away remains in the dash cd holder in my Jeep.  We might be fifty, but my sister Lindsay and I consider it a life goal to see Paul Wright and ROOTDOWN perform live.  Till then, we’ll keep up our quota as the Delaware goonies.