Turning The Page. Favorites of 2009 and Resolutions for 2010.

by Marissa Rubin

I felt the urge to make some of those “best of lists.” Here are my tops of the year.

MUSIC ALBUMS: quite an excessive, varied collaboration.  ones I most enjoyed this past year…

1.  Far – Regina Spektor

2.  Storyboards – Sleeping At Last

3.  Bomb in a Birdcage – A Fine Frenzy

4.  Hello Hurricane – Switchfoot

5.  The Holy Open Secret – Hoots & Hellmouth

6.  The Outsiders – Needtobreathe

7.  Life Is Not a Snapshot – Josh Wilson

8.  The Longfall – Jars of Clay

9.  City of Black & White – Mat Kearney

10.  Summer of Love  EP – Rootdown

11.  A_CROSS//THE_EARTH – Hillsong United

12.  Shouting At Mountains – Castledoor

13.  Disappear EP – The Gabe Dixon Band

14.  Rumors and Revelations – Glenn Packiam

15.  Danyew EP – Danyew

16.  Armistice – MuteMath

17.  Monster Monster – The Almost

18.  This Isn’t A Dream – Jenny & Tyler

19.  One of Those Days EP – Joy Williams

20.  Everything Is Different – Shane & Shane          …sorry, not able to narrow.

FILMS:  brief list.  I rarely go to the movies (since it’s 10.50…more for 3-D)

1.  Up

2.  Julia & Julie

3.  District 9  …only because the entire night was memorable.  otherwise, I hated it.

4.  The Proposal

5.  A Muppet Christmas Carol …again, I only had about 8 to choose from.  I know, I know…it’s horrendous.  yet to see Sherlock, Invictus, or 500 Days of Summer.  Got Earth and Star Trek for C-mas.


1.  The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren

2.  Dispensationalism by Charles Ryrie

3.  How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

4.  Simply Strategic Volunteers by Morgan/Stevens

5.  Death and the Life After by Billy Graham

6.  When God Whispers Your Name by Max Lucado

7.  Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller (again)

8.  Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

9.  Knowing God by J.R. Packer

10.  27 Other Books (The New Testament) by Paul, John, etc.

I need to read more; for most of these were required for school.


1.  Appalachian Trail…in multiple spots (PA/VA)

2.  Alta Via 1

3.  White Clay Creek State Park Horse Trail

4.  Lums Pond State Park Perimeter

5.  Ridge Trail, Shenandoah Valley


1.  Whearabouts Cafe – Newark, DE

2.  Monk’s Cafe – Philadelphia, PA

3.  Stuart’s – Bear, DE

4.  Starbucks – Middletown, DE

5.  Immediato’s Bistro – Middletown, DE

6.  Sunrise Bagel Cafe – Middletown, DE


1.  round trip to DE City from Bear

2.  round trip to Chesapeake City from Bear

3.  Del Webb Drive in Massanutten, VA

4.  Noxontown Road Loop – Middletown, DE

5.  Vance Neck Road Loop – Middletown, DE

Enough Lists.  I want to accomplish more this year.  Yeah, I want to eat healthy, run a PR, and have a 4.o…but these goals are all about me.  These “self” resolutions have always been on the forefront in the past, but they have gotten me nowhere.  Seriously nowhere…dead end…face in the wall…in a rut…made me selfish…lost my purpose… NOWHERE.  Excuse the poor grammar/sentence structure.  I am realizing that my goals should be made for the furthering of the Kingdom and the glory of God.  I am learning, yes, STILL learning that this life isn’t about me.  So, with this in mind here are a few resolutions for 2010:

1.  Spend solitary time with Him every day.  Even when I have to get up at 4:30 for work or want to listen to a spiritual pod-cast.  Nothing else is possible without this communion.  I crave it even when I don’t think I do.

2.  Give.  This sounds ridiculous, but I am very bad in this area.  I forget people’s birthdays, etc.  I want to appreciate the people that mean the most to me by giving.  Again, sounds shallow, but I want to give them physical, meaningful gifts.  I have slacked tremendously in this area and realize how much I am neglecting when I don’t follow through with tokens of appreciation, tokens of love.

3.  Visit my Grandma.  I don’t want to do this only once, for she only lives 1/2 hr away!  I need to set an objective.  Once each month.

4.  Encourage others to fulfill their God-given dreams.  Not sure how I can tactfully accomplish this yet, but I am praying about it.  It’s on my mind constantly.  I see so much potential in the people around me…many of whom come to mind at this exact moment.

To God be the glory in 2 0 1 0.