Slavery – yet to be abolished.

by Marissa Rubin

A few weeks ago, I went to a screening of  the “Call + Response Rockumentary” in Ardmore, PA.  I stumbled upon this event from skimming over human trafficking resources/organizations and surprisingly, there was a viewing not too far.  I was excited, anxious, and sick to my stomach all at the same time as I awaited for the film to start at Milkboy Coffee.  What I learned was astonishing.


I first read this article by Lindy Morgan back in the spring of this year that sparked my interest on the whole issue of sex slavery…

Sexual Slavery: Shattering the Sacred

This article brought me to tears, and since it has been a reoccurring image floating in my brain.  That transaction at the food joint makes me sick, and this image haunts me to this day.  How can someone go this far?  How can someone wreck a person’s (most likely a little girl’s) world?!  Not only are the men who pay for these young individuals at fault, but so are the brothel owners…the industry is a vicious cycle.  There are so many factors…so many scenarios, but from my research, the young people (primarily girls) are kidnapped, mislead into thinking they will be given a job, or sold by their very own family members.  It’s pretty much all about money, obviously.  A girl in the documentary from somewhere in SE Asia, probably about 17 years old stated that she probably serviced 1,000 men each year.  Do the math…that’s multiple people each night.  Of course, the stats vary from location, brothel, and such, but they are always outrageous…unthinkable.  The solution that comes to my mind is to raise funds and buy them out ourselves…returning them to safety and aiding them in recovery.  Well, a journalist who was featured in the Call + Response film actually did this.  He paid whatever it costed to buy two girls completely and returned them to their villages.  They were ecstatic, as were their families; however one of the girls returned to the brothel just a few days later.  You see, in the brothels, they get the women and children addicted to meth, and she couldn’t survive without it.  And guys, this is happening in the U.S.  I’ve read stories from San Diego, and Atlanta is the #1 spot for transactions.

As Justin Dillon said in so many words, now that I know the facts…now that I am aware of this evil, I must do something.  There are so many injustices in the world of course, but this is the fastest growing.  It must come to an end.  There are countless other minsitries/organizations/initiatives that are producing much fruit in the matter at hand.  I am still trying to find where I would like to be plugged in, for there really are so many opportunities.

There is a new ministry called pearl alliance, a branch of John and Lisa Bevere’s Messenger International.  pearl alliance There is an eye-opening video on this site.  It is a bit lengthy, but well worth the watch if you are at all compelled of this issue at hand.

So, here are the beginning thoughts and findings of my journey with modern day slavery.  I want to act.  I am searching for ways to act.  All of these people (traders and slaves) need true love that only God can give, for it is not found in money or earthly love.  Now, I am not saying that I am going to drop everything I am doing and go storm a brothel.  But, am I willing to quit playing it safe while I am obsessed with my own thriving comfort?