SO MUCH good.

by Marissa Rubin

Some people just have a way about them that is contagious.  I’m sure that everyone knows those folks who have this impassable joy.  I am incredibly blessed to have many of them in my life.  I envy them.  I don’t want to alter my personality per say, but I definitely crave a larger dose of this approach that I believe God calls us to.  Sure, I’m a “nice” person and am told this by many, but I feel urged to show the love of Jesus increasingly more.  The much-recited scripture in Provers reads, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  -Prov. 17:22   Another reason to be happy…you’re healthier!

Smiling is the absolute best.  I can’t help but think of Will Ferrell in Elf…”Smiling is my favorite!”  Now he is the epitome of kindness.  Seriously though, it makes my night when one of my customers smiles/smiles back at me…you would be surprised as to how many fail to do this.  Even worse, some even refrain to say “please/thank you.”  Crazy, I know!  I am convinced to keep doing good…to “kill people with kindness” as my mom says no matter how much of a “Negative Nelly” a person can be.  Take a look/listen…

Let’s be more like this little girl, more like Buddy the elf.  Hey, let’s be more like Jesus.  Let’s love.