RISK is right…summer update.

by Marissa Rubin

As mentioned a few blogs back, quite a while ago now, I stated that I was going begin a “RISK” group. http://www.neueministry.com/2009/01/exciting-small-group/  I’m fascinated .  I did indeed go through with this as planned.  Not quite sure if any of my fellow risk-takers will ever stumble upon these ramblings, but since there is always that slight possibility, I want to give a shout out.  At this point, we have three meetings left.  Let’s make them count and do the unthinkable.  I am anxious yet again about my upcoming risk, but more at peace than ever before.  The fear is becoming lesser, and though I still fret a bit, I am more acclimated to the idea of stretching myself and going beyond my own immediate desires.  But these risky endeavors are not only to better ourselves, but to exalt Christ. In his book, “Don’t Waste Your Life,” John Piper writes, “Risk is right.”  I have found this to be true this summer.  I’ve also made some great new friends, and for that I am greatly thankful.



My lovely sister Lindsay and I have been hanging out whenever possible.  She’s been traveling throughout DE, PA, and MD for her internship with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  She comes home for a few days at a time on various occasions, and we have a ball.  We are SO different, yet so incredibly alike.  It’s true, we really do love each other.  Ceasing to steal one another’s clothing is still something to be conquered in our relationship.  We have been making summer update vids that we load onto facebook.  filmed at our local Starbucks on our MacBooks.  check them.  ok, they’re sort of stupid.

Now for a topic that makes my life seem half over.  …Marriage.  Many of my friends are getting married this year.  Many others are engaged.  This is all still a little new to me.  Here is a picture of my friend Kevin with his wife, Christine.  They are so great…and their wedding was a total blast.  Best wishes to friends in Colorado.  I so wish I could fly out for all of you.  6491_105351198910_513493910_2044722_4720876_n

Family vacation in Shenendoah was fabulous.  I love the scenery there…nothing like the Rockies of course, but it was still incredible to escape the unvaried atmosphere here.  Made some great memories.  Saw a bear.  Fed a deer from my hand.  Biked some mad hills.  Went to a bike (the motorcycle kind) show.  Historical battlefield of Antietam. etc…  4868_95017508910_513493910_1886259_413236_nI will never be too old for family vaca.5033_90183378278_516168278_1830334_5986791_n 5033_90181503278_516168278_1830255_2538093_n

A few other tidbits about this summer of 2009…

-Music is great…I’ve been digging some random artists such as Amy Kuney, Joy Williams, Mat Kearney, Regina Spektor, Coffey Anderson, Needtobreathe, Joel & Luke, Rootdown, and more.

-Books are good too…I haven’t really stuck to my reading list though.  Ok, I haven’t read nearly enough as I’ve wanted.  I plan on getting on this…

-Places I’ve spent the most time…DE Rock Gym, state parks, Mark and Kelley’s house, my office at church of course, Ruby Tuesday undoubtedly, my bedroom.  More limited than most summers, but my radius is less than usual since I’m working full time here.

P.S.  That new coffee toffee twisted frosty really is good.