“Mercy is falling like the sweet spring rain!”

by Marissa Rubin

(Lyric from an eccentric worship song from my friend’s Pentecostal church when I was growing up…crazy good times)

On a more serious note, my heart is breaking tonight.

My last table  a few nights back was a family of four…mom, dad, two girls.  The girls were in their early teens, if I had to guess.  It was obvious from the moment I greeted them that the mother was the “controlling” type.  She wouldn’t let anyone get a word in.  You would think that people could order their own drinks.  She treated her girls like they were the scum of the earth.  You could tell they were embarrassed.  When one of the girl’s Sprite was getting low, I asked her if she wanted a re-fill.  She began to speak, but then her mom cut her off exclaiming, “No she DOES NOT want another!”  I can’t describe the way it all happened.  Her angry tone and attitude echoed across the restaurant from their booth.  It was surreal.  “Lady, she’s a human.  If you don’t let her speak now, how well is she going to do on that job interview in a few short years?”  “Do even have an inkling as to what you are doing to her confidence?”  These thoughts were racing through my brain.  I could go on and on about the little occurrences, but essentially, she was a complete jerk to them all.  I felt for those young girls.  I prayed hard for them as I was sweeping out my booths.  I smiled at them every chance I got.  Now that I think about it, I their mother needs God too.  What has she been through?

Then, there is that old, lonely gentleman that comes in at least twice each week.  He sits by himself in the same two-seater booth drinking that 22 oz. Sam Adams.  My heart goes out to him.  Was he ever in love?  Does he have anyone to laugh with?

There are so many more…more people hurting in this world.

This might just be my gift of mercy taking prevalence (actually, I know it is), but it is a gift nonetheless.  I mean, I need to use the gifts that God has given me.  I see people.  I know others do as well.  I am still figuring out how to turn these perceivances into action.  I suppose that all one can do sometimes is pray.  Little acts of kindness maybe?  I still wish I could do more though.

After just finishing up a series in seminary on spiritual gifts, I crave more opportunities to use my gifts of serving and mercy.  2 Corinthians 2:12 reads, “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.”  I don’t want to waste my gifts, or my life for that matter.  In todays sermon, Pastor Forrust quoted, “What is not happening because you don’t believe that God can use you.”  I want to believe that God can use me.  I do believe it.  He promises in His Word, and His Word is truth.  I know this.  I do not want to serve for my sake or glory, but for the glory of God and the common good of loving others.  I truly mean this.  If ever I begin to stray from this, I want a slap in the face.   I trust and know that God will give it to me.  🙂  I am praying for increased opportunities to show love…His love alone.

Seeking Him.