Today, I realized…

by Marissa Rubin

1.  I need to keep up with my pic of the week.

2.  I need to know the ingredients for the drink of the day.

3.  People will do anything for a free meal.

4.  My cousin has a way with words and should start publishing some articles somewhere.

5.  Water is pronounced “wooder” in roundabouts Bear, DE.  But I already knew this.

6.  My jeep was starting to smell tropical from the rotten banana on the dashboard.

7.  I will be attending many weddings this summer.

8.  My dog likes peas.

9.  My bike needs a bike line tune-up.

10.  I will legally be able to drink alcohol in about a week.

11.  I’m far behind on my laundry.

12.  I would like to visit the Northwest U.S.

13.  The true strawberry season is fast approaching.

14.  I have an idea for a documentary.  Don’t know how to go about starting it though.

15.  My manager graduated high school in 2003.  

16.  I am thankful for TRUE friends.

17.  My parents are so great to me.

18.  I am thankful to have a job.

19.  God is good all the time.

20.  I want to wake up tomorrow with a fresh outlook on life.