snoring dog, churning stomach, ticking clock

by Marissa Rubin

It’s about 4 am.  No, I haven’t slept at all yet.  Am I crazy?  Yes, most definitely.


I have no specific reason for writing right now.  Actually, I do have reason.  I haven’t blogged in about three months.


Not much to report really.  Sure, I’ve had some enlightening moments and extraordinary revelations, but none of them come to mind at this particular moment.  I think my dog is having a wacked out dream or something.  You should see her…poor thing!!


God is here.  It’s true.  He’s with me right now.  I know this is basic and elementary, but it still exceeds my understanding.  He is omnipresent.  So crazy.  “Be still and know I’m God.”  Psalm ??:??.  What a comfort, what a relief.  You know when people pray and ask God to be with them, or be with someone who is going through a difficult time?  Well, I don’t think that’s necessary…we don’t need to ask because He IS with us.  This is the extent of my profoundness at 4:15 am.  I’ll work up something a bit better for next time.  

I better go floss my teeth and hit the hay.