I will always like meat.

by Marissa Rubin

All my life, my sweet momma has always said, “Never say never,” so the same is probably true with never saying always.  I mean, just as one should not  say, “I will NEVER sit on a toilet seat without first covering it with paper,” one says, “I will ALWAYS place toilet paper on the seat before I plop my little (or large) tooshie down.”  Am I right?  In my mind I am…I think.  

Anyway, I am still going to venture saying that “I will ALWAYS like meat.  

Last night at our Christmas gathering with the dad’s side, my aunt was handing out pamphlets from some sort of vegan group of which she is extraordinarily passionate.  To each his own on this subject, but even after seeing all of the disturbing pictures of the helpless chickens getting their beaks cut off, I still haven’t changed my mind.  Now, my many vegetarian friends….don’t fret!!  I do not agree with unnecessary animal cruelty.  I do however believe that it’s alright to kill animals TO EAT AND UTILIZE them.  Now that I think about it, I feel as if I should have some Biblical backing.  Off the top of my head….God gave animal skins to Adam and Eve in the garden, right?  I guess this means that God Himself killed animals.  I don’t know, I really should study it more rather than jump to conclusions.  But didn’t Jesus eat at the Passover?  

More than all this, I came to another great realization as I was scanning these brochures trying to remain open-minded, but asking for wisdom at the same time while my aunt was trying sway my thinking.  Then, instead of the little birds being hurt, I pictured tiny helpless babies suffering in the wombs of their mothers.  Is not the sanctity of human life greater than those of birds, sheep, and cows?  I cringe at the thought of a chicken being crammed into a cage and getting a urinary tract infection, but I weep over the stopped beating of a heart of that human being.

Let’s fight for what matters.

Just a few thoughts.