Perspectives changing ever so rapidly

by Marissa Rubin

A brief scene from my day was a catalyst that completely and forever changed my outlook.  I was pulling into the parking lot at 3:57 pm earlier today when I saw something that struck my heart…almost as hard as the time I hit that poor deer this past summer on that winding Pennsylvania road.  Ok, the emotion was a bit different, but you get my drift.  Through my foggy windows and the pouring down rain, I saw a man in an oversized parka and knit, white hat picking up coins from the flooded, littered lot.  This sort of sight isn’t highly unusual for the area that I work in…it is a low income area, and it isn’t difficult to spot a homeless person on any given day.  Anyway, he seemed to be in no sudden hurry to get out from under the weather.  I parked further away from my normal spot to avoid any sort of awkward contact with him as I hustled into work.

Let me back up.  This story actually began a few days ago.  I was hurriedly making the transition from my vehicle into work at about 3:57……..3:58.  Purse?  Check.  Keys?  Check.  Apron?  Check.  Pens? Water bottle?  Clock-in card?  Check, check, and check.  Man, I have a lot of crap.  While walking in, I grabbed my apron upside down, and everything in the pockets dispersed into what seemed like a 50-mile radius.  Change, pens, and chapstick spread out over about four parking spaces.  I picked up everything except most of the pennies and smaller coins…I didn’t want to be late!!

You see, that had been my change.

So, what lesson was there to be learned?  Sure, I could say that I am so incredibly blessed.  This man had nothing, and I need to be more giving…less selfish.  Though this is true, I don’t think that’s what God was saying.

“I parked further away from my normal spot to avoid any sort of awkward contact with him…”   This is the crutch, right here.

What if?

What if I had parked in my normal spot and had crossed paths with this individual?  What if I had spoken a simple kind word to him?  What if he discovered that he was dearly loved by the Creator?  I don’t ask these questions to stir up regret, but to ignite a passion for people, and ultimately….God.  

I don’t want to avoid the awkwardness any longer.  I want to dive in and love unconditionally, for people MUST know this God.